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GTA Online players have a lot of weapons to use when they’re out and about in Los Santos. Two of the more unique weapons include the taser Stun Gun and the Compact EMP Launcher, which fires EMP grenades that disable vehicles for a brief time.

The first thing to know about acquiring these two weapons is that they’re not available at any Ammu-Nation store. To get them, you’ll need to own and upgrade an Agency alongside Franklin Clinton, then head upstairs to the Armory.

1. Ammu-Nation

GTA Online players have a huge armory of weapons to choose from, with rocket launchers and explosive ordinance always up for grabs. However, there are times that call for a more stealthy approach and the Stun Gun is a new non-lethal weapon that can be used to incapacitate other players in-game.

While a stun gun can be a fun way to troll other GTA Online players in the lobby, repeated use of such tactics can result in Rockstar reporting players to its customer support team and may lead to them receiving an in-game ban. Luckily, there is a way to get this weapon without having to spend a fortune in the Ammu-Nation stores.

Rather than having to visit any Ammu-Nation store, players can get their hands on the Stun Gun at the Agency HQ by purchasing an Agency property from the Dynasty8 Executive website and then heading to the Armoury inside that building. From there, players can speak to the Requisitions Officer and then scroll down to Pistols to find the weapon on offer.

2. The Armory

GTA 5 is filled with plenty of weapons, from deadly handguns to grenade launchers, but there are also non-lethal options for players who prefer a more pacifist approach to battle. Among these non-lethal weapons are the taser Stun Gun and Compact EMP Launcher, which were introduced with The Contract content update. While most weapons can be acquired by visiting an Ammu-Nation store, these two electrifying devices require a bit more work.

The Stun Gun is not available for sale at any Ammu-Nation locations and must instead be purchased from the Armory found inside an Agency property. After purchasing an Agency and completing the renovation upgrade for it, head to the top floor of the office and visit the Requisitions Officer in the Armory to purchase the weapon. This highly sought-after device costs $375,000, a considerable markup from the $100 it costs at Ammu-Nation. The stun gun shoots a projectile that administers an electric charge capable of temporarily stunning or incapacitating an assailant. It does not, however, have a long range, and will take 12 seconds to recharge between shots.

3. The Agency

GTA V players are able to purchase a lot of weapons that allow them to wreak havoc in the game’s open world. One weapon that many players are keen to get their hands on is the stun gun, also known as a taser. This pistol-type weapon fires a projectile that administers a high voltage capable of temporarily stunning an assailant. The weapon doesn’t use conventional ammo, but instead recharges after each taser shot.

The taser first made its appearance in the Diamond Casino Heist, but was made permanent with The Contract DLC update. Those who want to add it to their arsenal can buy it from the Armory located inside an Agency property. To do this, the player must own and set up an Agency through the Dynasty 8 Executive website using their in-game phone. This will unlock missions in the DLC and grant the player access to an Agency HQ, vehicles, and a Armory.

4. The Criminal Enterprise

With soaring gas prices and an economy on the brink, Southern San Andreas is in dire straits. But every dark fiscal cloud has its silver lining — at least for those in the know.

The latest The Criminal Enterprise update added new vehicles, jobs, properties and weapons to GTA Online, including the taser-like Stun Gun. This nonlethal weapon stuns pedestrians in close proximity and can be used to troll unsuspecting players.

Players seeking to purchase the stun gun can find it in the Armory, located within an Agency property. To access the Armory, GTA 5 Online players must own and set up an Agency business with Franklin Clinton via the Dynasty 8 Executive website on their in-game phone. The Stun Gun can then be purchased from the Requisitions Officer for a fairly substantial $326,250. The weapon can also be customized with various tint upgrades if the player desires. The Stun Gun is not available through Ammu-Nation stores, nor can it be found in the Gun Van.

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