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Where is the best place to find mace and a stun gun

The best place to find mace and a stun gun is in a store that sells self-defense weapons. These stores must perform full background checks on customers and offer training on the use of these weapons.

Stun guns come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some look like brass knuckles or firearms, while others have a flashlight built into them. Most stun guns have a slide switch that goes from off, to flashlight and then to the shock button.

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Stun guns are a useful form of self-defense for those who do not want to carry a lethal weapon. They emit a high-powered electrical charge that can paralyze an attacker, and they come in a variety of sizes to fit comfortably into your pocket or purse. They can also be disguised to look like other everyday objects, such as a cell phone or lipstick, making them more difficult for an attacker to grab.

Some stun guns have metal strips along the edges to prevent attackers from grabbing them. Others have shorter electrodes that are easier to conceal and can deliver a shock from up to 20 feet away. They can be used to stun assailants for one to two seconds, causing pain and spasms and dazing them.

Guard Dog Security offers a device called the Olympian, which is the world’s first stun gun, flashlight and pepper spray in one hand-held unit. Its pink hard shell protects the pepper spray canister, and it has a clip that easily attaches to keys or pockets.


Unlike a taser, which shoots two prongs at attackers, a stun gun emits a quick electric shock that paralyzes them. This device can deter attackers and give you the time to escape. It also has a bright flashlight and rechargeable battery. It is lightweight and compact. It has a rubberized coating for a comfortable grip.

Stun guns can be very effective weapons for self-defense, but it is important to learn how to use them properly. Practice deploying them, and always keep one within reach. Some of these devices look like brass knuckles, while others are flashlights and have switches or buttons.

Before purchasing a stun gun or taser, check your local laws and regulations. Some states have banned their sale, and others require a permit. In addition, you may be required to take a training course before carrying one. You should also understand the risks associated with using these tools. The Home Security Superstore is not responsible for any injuries or damage that occurs as a result of using these self-defense tools.


There are dozens of options available, including models that look like brass knuckles, flashlights, or standard hand-held designs. Some have switches while others use buttons, but all provide a powerful shock that can deter or subdue an attacker. They’re also portable, affordable, and easy to use.

Most stun guns work by firing barbed electrodes that stick to the attacker’s clothes and skin. The attacker will then experience a sharp electric shock that can cause pain, muscle contractions, or even paralysis. These effects can last for three to five seconds, depending on the size of the attacker and his or her determination.

You should choose a stun gun with a high voltage to get the most power out of it. You can find a model that fires up to one million volts, which is more than enough to subdue most attackers. Some stun guns have safety features that prevent you from accidentally zapping yourself, which can be important in an emergency.


Stun guns use a sharp electric shock to deter and subdue attackers. They are less expensive than a taser and are more compact and easier to conceal. They are also legal in more places than pepper spray.

To fire a stun gun, press the button and hold the electrodes against the attacker, ideally aiming for the torso, but anywhere between the shoulder and the hip or buttocks is effective. Keeping the probes on the target for three to five seconds is sufficient to incapacitate most assailants.

Most stun guns have rechargeable batteries or replaceable ones, and they may have safety features to prevent accidental zapping. Some models have flashlights, and others are small enough to dangle from keys. The Vipertek VTS-880, for example, is an inexpensive stun gun with a flashlight that looks like a keychain. This makes it harder for attackers to grab and can give you more time to react. It also has metal strips that prevent attackers from grabbing it, and it comes with a carry case and integrated charging plug.

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