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Expert dog trainers recommend the use of stun guns, sometimes called electric breaking sticks, to break up a vicious dog fight. The resulting crackle noise instantly makes attacking dogs scurry away without causing any permanent injury to them or you.

It’s a far more effective way to scare an animal than banging a stick on the ground or yelling blatantly. Even better, there are covert stun gun models that attach to your key ring and look like a regular object!


A stun gun can help a person defend themselves against an attacker without the risk of being shot or seriously hurt. It is also an ideal weapon for people who cannot afford a handgun but still want to be prepared to defend themselves.

Stun guns use electrodes to deliver an electrical shock. They are designed to be easily accessible so they can be used quickly. Some come with a flashlight for helping to find the target in the dark, which is important because most attacks happen at night.

It is essential to practice with a stun gun before an emergency occurs to ensure that the user can fire it in under duress. There are many different models on the market, ranging in price from $25 to $40. Some are small enough to fit in a pocket and others look like everyday objects such as a cell phone or lipstick, which can be a great way to surprise an attacker.


Taking steps to prevent an attack is always the best option. A stun gun can scare off an attacking dog or disarm it long enough for you to escape and get help.

A jolt from a stun gun disrupts neural pathways to the brain, creating background noise that confuses and distracts the animal. A 4.5 milliamp stun gun is ideal for this as the amperage (strength of the electricity) is high enough to be effective while not causing permanent injury.

TBOTECH offers a variety of stun guns including a 7″ baton stun gun that is ideal for this purpose since it can be used to create a deafening crackling sound and brilliant light that can be seen from far away. Many models also include a belt clip or holster for ease of carrying. You can even find a stun gun key chain that fits in your pocket for immediate use. The strange popping electrical noise it makes will surprise the animal and cause it to flee, giving you time to run for help.


Many people carry a stun gun because it is an effective way to distract an aggressive dog without hurting them or causing any permanent damage. The device emits a bright light and a crackling sound that can be heard and seen from a distance. The sound confuses the animal and gives you time to run away safely.

In addition to this, most stun guns have the ability to be triggered by simply touching an animal with the metal probes. This shocks the nerves and skeletal muscles and causes them to go temporarily paralyzed. Most models also feature a holster or belt clip for easy carrying and accessibility.

If you want to learn more about how a stun gun works, read this article from Security Forward. Different states have varying laws regarding the use of this weapon and some require a permit to carry one. A Lansing Gun Defense Lawyer can help you understand the laws in your area.


Stun guns are often used by farmers and ranchers to protect their livestock from predators. A single zap from the stun gun can deter coyotes and other animals and scare them away, giving the livestock time to escape. Stun guns are also useful for subduing aggressive or attacking dogs. Some people even use them as a modern alternative to the traditional breaking stick for pit bulls when they get in a fight with other dogs or humans.

When the administrator of a stun gun, or taser, places the weapon against an attacking dog, it will administer a series of electric shocks that cause the attacker’s muscles to seize and become temporarily paralyzed. This gives the administrator enough time to escape harm or to call for help. Practice using your stun gun regularly to ensure you don’t fumble when it comes time to use it in an emergency situation. The electrical shock can be administered through the fur on an attacking animal but will be more effective if direct contact is made or if the probes can reach the attacker’s skin.

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