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The stun gun is a powerful weapon that is available in GTA Online after the The Contract DLC update. However, if you’re looking to get your hands on this weapon, there are a few things you need to do first.

Stun guns work by administering a voltage that can temporarily stun an attacker. They can be useful if you need to stop someone who is trying to attack you or rob you.

1. Go to the Armory

The stun gun is a new weapon in GTA Online, made available as part of the Contract DLC. This latest DLC update brings with it a number of new security missions, properties, vehicles, and weapons.

However, getting this weapon is a bit of a pain. It costs a pretty penny to unlock, as players must purchase an Agency and an Armory.

After purchasing an Agency, you can then head to the Armory and buy the Stun Gun. The weapon is priced at $352,500, but you can save yourself a lot of cash by visiting another player’s Agency and buying it from them.

It’s a great weapon for fighting through cannibals and mutants in Sons of the Forest, as it helps to stop enemies before they can finish you off with their melee attacks. You can also find some Stun Gun ammo hidden away in crates in caves and cannibal camps on the map.

2. Talk to Dr. Dre

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3. Complete the Contract DLC

The Contract is the latest GTA Online expansion, which adds a variety of new missions, vehicles, and more to Los Santos. But the most notable addition is a brand-new stun gun.

The Stun Gun is an extremely powerful non-lethal weapon that can shock your victim and leave them incapacitated and unable to move. It’s one of three weapons that players can unlock during The Contract DLC, along with the EMP Launcher and Heavy Rifle.

To get the stun gun, you’ll first need to buy an agency in GTA Online. These buildings are available for a few million dollars each, and they come with an armory inside.

4. Talk to Franklin

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