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Kubotan Self Defense

Explore the world of Kubotan Self Defense & learn how this compact tool boosts daily safety. Discover its potential, usage tactics, and legality of this versatile weapon.

Kubaton Window Breaker

Discover the Kubaton Window Breaker, a compact, life-saving tool designed to shatter glass effortlessly in emergencies. Hold your safety in your pocket.

Salt Supply Pepper Spray Gun

Discover the Salt Supply Pepper Spray Gun – a game-changer in personal safety tools. Learn about its unique features, benefits, usage, and effectiveness for self-defense.

Pepper Spray Grenade

Explore our comprehensive guide on Pepper Spray Grenades for self-defense. Uncover its history, usage, advantages, safety guidelines, & key legal considerations.

Pepper Spray Scoville Level

Understand the potency of your pepper spray! Explore the Scoville level of pepper spray and learn how it compares to spicy foods. Stay safe and informed!

Pepper Spray How To Use

Enhance your self-defense skills with our comprehensive guide on how to use pepper spray responsibly and effectively. Learn safety tips, correct usage, precautions and more.