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During the “Star Trek” series, Captain Kirk and his crew always carried stun weapons. Like their phasers, these devices temporarily incapacitate an attacker and give you time to escape.

Stun guns are small, hand-held devices that operate with electricity. They make direct contact with a target and emit a high-voltage shock to immobilize the opponent.

Rechargeable Stun Guns

Stun guns are a great way to deter and subdue attackers. They are portable, affordable, and non-lethal by design.

However, they can be dangerous to use if not used properly. They can deliver a high voltage shock that can cause muscle spasms, disorientation and loss of balance.

To be effective, a stun gun needs to deliver sufficient current at a high enough voltage for a long enough time to create pain. This factor is called charge weight.

It also must be compact and easy to carry around. Ideally, a stun gun should be small enough that you can carry it anywhere and still have it in reach when necessary.

Some stun guns even include a flashlight, which can be a great tool to blind an attacker before shooting them. This can help to give you a few seconds to escape while the attacker is distracted.

Rechargeable Tasers

Stun guns emit electrical currents that can incapacitate an attacker for a short time. They can also disorient an attacker to give you time to escape.

Rechargeable stun guns are a great way to keep your self-defense weapon on hand at all times without the worry of changing batteries. They charge quickly and are easy to use, so you can be ready when you need to.

This stun gun has an extra safety feature called a disable pin that will stop the device from firing if it leaves your hand. The disable pin attaches to a strap worn around your wrist and pulls out to prevent someone from taking the stun gun away and using it against you.

This stun gun is powerful enough to disorient attackers in a wide variety of situations, and its loud sound can be intimidating even without shocking them. Its small size also makes it more difficult to grab, which is another important safety factor.

Stun Gun Keychains

One of the best ways to protect yourself or a loved one is with a stun gun. They are very small, easy to conceal and can be used to give you time to escape and find help when you’re being attacked.

Stun Gun Keychains are a great way to get the power of a stun gun without carrying it around with you. They can be easily attached to a key chain or worn around your neck on a lanyard.

This unit is half the size of a typical stun gun but has the same power and technology. It also has a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge.

The SMACK, from Streetwise Security Products, is a compact keychain stun gun that attaches to your keys. This is a great option for those who don’t want to have to fumble with their purse for their self defense device when they need it.

This stun gun is the first to replace the traditional safety switch with a Touch Sensing Safety that senses when it is in your hand in the “stun ready” position and automatically turns off the safety. This saves you valuable time not having to fumble with the switches and buttons required to defend yourself with a traditional stun gun.

Stun Guns for Kids

Stun guns are popular self-defense weapons that deliver an electric shock to a person when they come into contact with the device. The electricity is passed between two metal prongs at the end of the stun gun.

They can be used against an attacker from a distance or can be carried in your pocket and are effective at stopping an attacker before they get close to you. There are many different styles of stun guns that you can choose from including mini stun guns, stun gun keychains and more.

However, stun guns and tasers are not always legal in Pennsylvania. Their use is regulated by local police departments and the laws and regulations vary from state to state.

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