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Pepper Spray Cost – Factors to Consider

pepper spray cost

There are several factors to consider when shopping for pepper spray. These factors include price, Scoville value, and size. Knowing which factors to consider will make the purchase process easier. Read on to learn more. A pepper spray can save your life, and can be an excellent choice in an emergency situation. Pepper spray costs vary considerably, so it is important to shop around before making a decision. Here are a few tips to help you get started.


The best price for Pepper Spray For Women Safety is the one that fits your budget. It is a good idea to purchase one online to avoid shipping costs, but if you’re concerned about quality, consider buying in a local store. Pepper spray is usually inexpensive, but it is not always necessary to buy the most expensive one. The price can also vary greatly depending on the brand. A good rule of thumb is to look for a pepper spray branded by a reputable company.

You may also consider purchasing two products instead of one. If you buy a pepper spray for self-defense, you can practice using it in a supervised environment before going out in public. You should have one pepper spray at home and one on the go at all times. The Sabre pepper sprays are among the most popular pepper sprays available. They are reliable and compact. They also come with handy safety warning labels. A good pepper spray for women should come with instructions on how to use it.

The Armadillo Defense kit is a great value for money. It contains two pepper spray dispensers, two emergency alarms, a compact keychain, and multiple layers of protection. The device is also packed with an ultraviolet dye to mark assailants. You can purchase pepper spray online or at a local store. However, you should know that you can only buy it for self-defense purposes within the contiguous 48 states.


The size of a pepper spray can determine how effective it is. A keychain canister holds a half-ounce of pepper spray that can be used up to five feet away. A one or two-ounce canister, on the other hand, can spray for 30 seconds and cover about fifteen feet. Though larger canisters have more range, they are less practical for personal carry. Whether you want a smaller canister for home defense or a bigger one for personal protection, there are several different sizes to choose from.

The size of pepper spray is important because it will make a difference if you need to use it during an attack. A larger size pepper spray will have more power, and a smaller one will not cover your entire body. A small spray can be useful in a pinch if you’re not sure how to use it. A small pepper spray can fit in a purse or a handbag, and is not prohibited in the UK.

A small pepper spray may not fit in your pocket, but a larger one might. A keychain model is easy to remember and will be easier to access in an emergency. A large one can be difficult to conceal. For added safety, try choosing one with a fast-action deployment device. This feature will make it easier for you to deploy the pepper spray and get out of a potentially dangerous situation. If you’re unsure, consult a professional.

Scoville value

The Scoville heat units (SHU) in pepper spray are an inaccurate measure of the strength of the spray. In reality, pepper sprays contain a much smaller amount of OC than you might think. A pepper spray’s OC content ranges from 2-10% of the total formula. In addition, the SHU measure the raw OC, which is 90 to 98% diluted. This means that a pepper spray with 5.3 million SHU is actually only 0.71% OC.

The heat of a pepper spray depends on the type of formula. Most pepper sprays start in the two million SHU range. This is four times hotter than a habanero. However, there are some pepper sprays with five million SHUs and higher. The Scoville scale is a measurement of the heat of chilies and peppers. It is also used to compare the heat level in pepper sprays. Peppers with higher SHUs are generally more potent, but they can still give you time to seek help.

The Scoville scale is used to rate the heat of different types of peppers. Chili peppers contain capsaicin, which is the main component. The higher the concentration of capsaicin, the hotter the pepper. Scoville units are named after Wilbur Scoville, a pharmacist who studied the pungency of chili peppers at Parke-Davis pharmaceutical company. When he developed the test, he called it the Scoville organoleptic test.

Size of spray bottle

When it comes to buying pepper spray, size is an important factor. Whether you’re buying a single canister or a larger bottle, it’s important to get a bottle that is the right size for your needs. Smaller bottles will be easier to conceal and use if you want to avoid being seen. Larger ones can be dangerous to other people, but they’re more convenient to carry around. A pepper spray canister holds 25 bursts and has a 10 foot range. Besides being easy on the wallet, it’s also convenient to replace it when the expiration date comes around.

Pepper spray can come in a wide variety of sizes, and you can get a large bottle for less than $50. There are even smaller bottles for less than $10. There are also cheaper versions that have a smaller capacity, but they won’t provide as much protection. Despite their small size, pepper sprays are very effective weapons. Unlike hollow points, pepper spray can splash a chemical directly into the eyes. Therefore, you’ll need to be very careful when choosing a pepper spray.

The size of pepper spray bottle that you purchase is important to your safety. A pepper spray bottle that is less than 100 milliliters is still a Category 6 weapon, but you’re not going to face the same penalties as a firearm. Regardless of the size of the pepper spray bottle you buy, you should keep it somewhere safe. This way, you won’t have to worry about it being stolen. The size of the pepper spray bottle can be an important factor in protecting your family.


Pepper spray has several different types, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. The Defense Spray, for example, contains 10% Oleoresin Capsicum pepper formula, which is known as a “hot” pepper spray. This chemical irritates nerve endings near the skin’s surface, causing a burning sensation on contact. Depending on the product, pepper spray should be replaced every two years. Check the manufacturer’s information for more information.

Law enforcement officers and civilians may not carry a pepper spray that contains less than 100 mL of active agent, but that doesn’t mean you can’t carry one. In California, pepper spray may be carried without a permit or license, but it must be at least 20 g (0.71 oz) in weight. The spray must also contain a warning label, which most manufacturers already do. Despite their different goals, pepper spray should incapacitate an attacker and give the victim time to call police. Pepper spray with an ultraviolet dye, on the other hand, will aid law enforcement in identifying the attacker.

When used correctly, pepper spray is a safe and effective self-defense weapon. The spray contains 10% Oleoresin Capsicum, which is a potentially lethal chemical. The spray will cause pain and discomfort if used in the right circumstances, but the risk of death or injury is minimal. However, be careful not to let the mist carry too far. Moreover, pepper spray should only be used by those who are trained to use it safely.

Places to buy

When it comes to self-defense, a pepper spray can come in handy. In New York, it is legal to own pepper spray, but only if it is pocket-sized and is purchased from a licensed firearm merchant or pharmacist in the state. Also, you must be 18 years of age and have no previous convictions. This article will tell you where you can buy pepper spray in New York. You can also check out our guide on where to buy pepper spray in New York.

Pepper spray comes in various forms and canisters, ranging from self-defense spray to a more discreet one you can hide in jewelry. Some of these canisters come with a toll-free number so you can call for help or self-defense training. It should also state clearly that the pepper spray is only meant for self-defense purposes, as human use of pepper spray is illegal in New York. It is recommended to take pepper spray with you if you are planning to use it against a person, since some states have strict laws regarding its use.

If you have the money and are ready to purchase pepper spray, you can make the right choice. You can buy pepper spray online or from a retailer near you. Most retailers carry the OC spray brand. Some have specific laws regarding pepper spray, so make sure to check with the local law enforcement before purchasing. It is also important to note that there are many restrictions regarding the use of pepper spray in New York. If you’re planning to use it on someone else, you’ll need to obtain a permit before purchasing the pepper spray.

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