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Safety Technology – Mini Bad Ass Metal Stun Gun Review

Safety technology mini bad ass metal stun gun review

If you’re looking for a mini stun gun, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll talk about its power, battery life, and if it’s legal in some states. You’ll also discover whether it’s rechargeable. If it’s rechargeable, you won’t have to worry about changing its batteries.


The Safety Technology mini badass metal stun gun is rechargeable and made of aircraft-grade aluminum. It delivers a powerful 85-million-volt shock. This gun also functions as a flashlight and a baton. It can be used in self-defense and as an extra weapon to protect yourself from a potential attacker. It has an LED flashlight and an illuminated red light for added security and safety.

This device is a stealthy and effective way to stun an attacker. It comes with a nylon belt clip that can be inserted through a concealed carry loop on a person’s clothing or purse. It also comes with a belt loop holster, which makes it easy to conceal.

No Batteries

The Safety Technology mini badass metal stun gun is a high-voltage stun gun that can be used against anyone attempting to attack you. It features three settings: maximum, medium, and strobe. This device comes with a textured handle and is a powerful, yet nonlethal, shock device. It has two lithium rechargeable batteries and a nylon holster.

This product is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which is the strongest metal known to man. It has a 120-lumen LED flashlight and a high-voltage stun that delivers 4.9 milliamps of stopping power. It can also be used as a baton or flashlight if necessary.

Powerful Shock

A safety technology mini badass metal stun gun is a portable device that can be used to deter an attacker if necessary. These devices have a high-intensity 120-lumen flashlight and an on/off switch. The flashlight is useful for providing extra light in dark situations and for blinding the attacker. When you press the on/off switch, the stun circuitry engages, and a red light comes on.

The mini Badass stun gun is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. Its 4.9 milliamp blast produces a shocking shock, and the flashlight can be used as a baton or flashlight. The mini stun gun also comes with a 120-lumen LED flashlight, which can illuminate dark areas.

Legality in certain states

If you’re considering purchasing a stun gun for personal protection, you need to know where the laws are regarding them. Some states require stun guns to be registered and some ban the sale of them altogether. While stun guns are less-lethal than firearms, they can still be lethal if used properly.

Stun guns can be illegal in some states, but they are completely legal in most states. You must have a concealed pistol license to carry one of these weapons, and they must be stored in a locked container. In Michigan, for example, a court ruled that the state’s ban on stun guns is unconstitutional. This led to an amended law that requires you to obtain a concealed pistol license in order to carry one.

No permanent harm

The Safety Technology mini badass metal stun gun has an impressive range of features. For starters, it features an aircraft-quality aluminum body and a high-end tactical flashlight. Combined with its 110 million volt blast of electricity, the badass metal stun gun delivers a powerful stopping force. It’s also rechargeable, and the bright LED light will temporarily blind any attacker.

This stun gun is very safe to use. It is designed with safety in mind, with a safety switch that must be in the “on” position to operate. It’s also compact, measuring just over four inches tall, and easily concealed in a shirt pocket. While it’s not the most powerful stun gun on the market, it’s comparable to other similar brands with a claimed 3,500,000 volts.


Safety technology offers a mini metal stun gun with a high voltage of 60,000,000 volts. This is a great stun gun for home and personal use. The mini badass stun gun has a 120-lumen flashlight, a trigger that lets you trigger the shock, and a lifetime warranty.

This mini stun gun has a military-grade aluminum alloy, which is shockproof. It is able to stop a threatening attacker if used properly. The electric current created by the test firing will cause an attack to stop immediately, and the jolt will knock the assailant down. This will interrupt the brain-to-muscle communication, and therefore the attacker won’t be able to move and hurt you further.

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