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Is there a way to obtain the stun gun in gta online

GTA Online players are always looking for ways to break the game – be it by finding a money glitch or by obtaining the stun gun. The Stun Gun is one of the new weapons released in GTA Online with the Contract DLC, but it costs a pretty penny to obtain.

The Stun Gun

In GTA Online, you can find a range of weapons to add to your arsenal. One such weapon is the Stun Gun.

The Stun Gun is a pistol-type weapon which fires a projectile that stuns whoever it hits. However, it does not have conventional ammo and takes a long time to recharge between shots.

Despite its short range and lengthy recharge time, the Stun Gun is a great weapon to have at your disposal in GTA Online. Combined with another weapon, it can be used to lock down an attacker and finish them off with minimal damage.

Stun guns are powerful due to the voltage they deliver over a sustained period of time, measured in micro-coulombs (uC). This is a measure of the amount of electrical charge that transmits to the target and induces pain.

The Contract DLC

GTA Online’s latest DLC, The Contract, merges the story and Online modes into one. Released on December 15, 2021, the update introduces a new GTA Online storyline with Franklin Clinton and friends as they help Dr. Dre track down a stolen phone that contains never-before-heard music from the hip hop icon.

The DLC’s first set of missions, Security Contracts, can be completed solo or with friends. To complete these, gamers must purchase an Agency building (with the cheapest Agency costing $2,010,000).

Players will also have access to a Vehicle Workshop that lets them upgrade certain vehicles with missile lock-on jammers and remote control units. These weapons are available only in the Agency building and will require extra cash to buy.

Once you’ve completed the Security Contracts, Franklin will call and ask you to start a series of missions with Dr. Dre that will take you across the city and into some of Los Santos’ hottest clubs. Completing them will earn you a one-time bonus and, in some cases, a large sum of money.

The Armory

The Armory is a great way to save on weapons and other upgrades. It also provides a number of perks that help to make playing GTA Online more enjoyable.

The armory allows players to upgrade their Mk II variants, purchase body armor and parachutes at a reduced price, and get some of the best new guns for GTA Online, including the Stun Gun. It also gives players access to the Compact EMP Launcher and Heavy Rifle for a limited time.

Another benefit of the armory is that it can hide weapons in the weapon wheel so players can quickly find their favorite weapons when they need them. This makes gunfights a lot easier and reduces the risk of losing or missing your favorite weapons.

The Armory is one of the most important upgrades in GTA Online and it is one of the best investments you can make. It not only gives you the ability to customize and view all of your weapons, it also allows you to buy new weapons like earpieces and night vision goggles. It even has a Gun Locker where you can rearrange your loadout and hide any unnecessary weapons from the weapon wheel.

The Requisitions Officer

GTA Online’s newest DLC, The Contract, introduces new weapons into the mix. The stun gun is one of them, along with a compact EMP launcher and a heavy rifle.

The stun gun can be purchased through your Agency’s weapon workshop by visiting the Requisitions Officer. It’s available for $375,000 (with 5% discount) under Pistols and comes with the usual tint upgrades.

As the Requisitions Officer, you’ll be tasked with running Almayer’s Cargo Bay and issuing attachments to Marines as well as ordering crates of weapons, ammo and supplies. You’ll also be responsible for coordinating supply lines through Bluespace.

As a live service game, GTA Online has plenty of bugs and glitches that can get annoying. This recent update, for instance, has made it much harder to refill specialized ammo in the Agency, which was previously fairly easy with Jay’s help.

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