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Stun guns are small devices that can be concealed within your purse, pocket, or bag. They’re often camouflaged to look like lipstick or a flashlight.

A stun gun uses high voltage to send electricity straight to your attacker’s body, temporarily knocking them out. This doesn’t result in death, but it can stop an assailant long enough for you to escape.

Stun Guns vs. Tasers

Stun guns and tasers are both self-defense weapons that can help you defend yourself when you need it the most. These two devices are used by law enforcement and by many civilians to protect themselves from potential attackers.

A stun gun generates a high-voltage electrical charge that interferes with the body’s communication system, temporarily paralyzing a target. It also causes the victim to become unbalanced and confused.

Tasers use a series of metal probes to deliver electrical shocks to a target. They can also be operated at a distance with no direct contact.

Stun guns are smaller than tasers and are available in a variety of designs. They can be concealed in a purse, pocket or bag.

Stun Guns Are Less Lethal

When it comes to less-lethal options for self-defense, tasers and stun guns are among the most effective. Research shows that conducted energy weapons like tasers are more effective at ending confrontations after the first use than chemical agents such as pepper spray.

Tasers shoot two prongs that spread out when they fire, allowing them to land on different parts of an attacker. They’re connected by a thin wire back to the TASER cartridge, which sends electricity down it and into an attacker’s body.

Stun guns, on the other hand, deliver a painful shock when they touch an assailant’s skin. They’re typically close proximity devices, so they’re only useful for attackers who are close by.

Stun Guns Are More Effective

Stun guns deliver a high-voltage shock that disorients an attacker and immobilizes them. This can be a significant advantage over pepper spray, which only irritates an aggressor and causes them to become unable to breathe.

However, stun guns require contact with an attacker in order to be effective and can cause injury if they come into direct contact with an attacker’s body. They are also less effective when penetrating thick layers of clothing.

They are not a substitute for firearms, but are an important addition to any personal defense arsenal. They are less lethal, concealable, and affordable.

Stun Guns Are More Concealed

A stun gun is a device that delivers an electrical shock to an attacker on direct contact. It will not kill the assailant, but it can leave them confused and in pain for several minutes.

Stun guns are smaller, lighter, and easier to conceal than tasers. They also have features that render them unusable if someone steals the weapon from you, such as an attached safety pin tethered to a lanyard.

Many police departments use stun guns to control criminals. These weapons are also used by prisons, schools, and other places where people are in danger.

Stun Guns Are More Affordable

Stun guns are a great self defense option for people who cannot afford a firearm. They can be used to subdue an attacker and put them down without risking serious injury.

In today’s market, it’s possible to find stun guns that range in power from 100,000 volts up to 5,000,000. This makes them a lot more affordable than tasers, which can run several hundred dollars.

A high-quality mini stun gun can be easily carried around and stored in small places, like a purse or on your keychain. Some also come with a disguise that looks like a lipstick or a cell phone, so they won’t be recognized by potential attackers.

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