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Is there a way to obtain the stun gun in gta online

One of the most popular weapons in GTA Online is the Stun Gun. This taser-like weapon is capable of shocking your enemies with thousands of volts and leaving them incoherent, unable to get up. However, obtaining the Stun Gun in gta online can be tricky.

Despite being one of the most sought-after guns in GTA Online, this weapon is not available for general sale in Ammu-Nation. This means that if you want to buy this stun gun in GTA Online, you’ll have to go through the Agency process.

Once you have your Agency established, head up to the top floor of the Agency’s office and visit the Requisitions Officer in the Armory. Once you’ve selected the Pistols option, you can then scroll down to find the stun gun on sale for a price of $375,000!

Although this is a high price, the stun gun is certainly worth it. This is a potent weapon that can be used for both stealthy and deadly purposes, especially when combined with other weapons.

The stun gun is a Handguns class weapon that is available in both Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. It is based on a real-life Taser Gun, and features a pair of probes that attach to the target and deliver an electric shock to them.

You can use this weapon to stun NPCs in the game, and you can even use it to kill them. It has a short range and only fires two rounds at a time, but it can be quite effective when used against enemies who are too far away to fire their own guns.

Aside from the Stun Gun, there’s also the Compact EMP Launcher. This weapon is a lot more powerful than the Stun Gun, but it has some downsides that you should know about. First, it’s much more expensive and takes 12 seconds to recharge between shots. Additionally, it can’t be fired out of most vehicles (e.g., Deluxos) so it’s not a great choice for rapid-fire combat.

Another problem is that it has a long cooldown, which can make it difficult to use when you need it most. Luckily, there’s a way to circumvent the cooldown with the help of a glitch.

This glitch was discovered by Reddit user _Publicharp_ on the GTA Online subreddit, and it involves performing several actions in rapid succession. Then, after each action has been performed, simply swap back to the Stun Gun.

The stun gun is essentially the same as the Compact EMP Launcher, with the exception that it has a shorter range and fires twice as many rounds. It can also be used as a drive-by weapon, but the low damage and fire rate mean that it’s not the best for this purpose.

As with the Stun Gun, you can unlock the Compact EMP Launcher in GTA Online through the Agency system. It’s a rank-based system that rewards players with RP when they complete missions and jobs. As you earn more RP, more items and jobs will unlock for you to purchase in GTA Online.

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