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What is the Highest Voltage For a Stun Gun?

what is the highest voltage for a stun gun

Thousands of volts and higher? Those are claims we hear often, but they defy the laws of physics. Even if the manufacturers claim higher voltages, it’s improbable they can work. The highest-voltage stun gun is a Vipertek VTS-195 stun gun, which emits 3 x 106 volts per meter.

1,000,000 volts

A 10,000-volt stun gun is incredibly painful. A stun gun with 1,000,000 volts is dangerous, but it’s not unheard of. A stun gun with 50,000 volts can be fatal as well. However, there have also been some notable exceptions to this rule. One stun gun with over 1 million volts is the Cheetah Nitro.

The energy produced by a stun gun cannot jump back on its target. Because it uses energy from a person’s muscles, the power can’t bounce back to its user. A TASER uses electrocution to incapacitate a person through pain compliance and neuromuscular incapacitation. This method has been used for centuries to protect children and adults from harm.

Another stun gun with 1,000,000 volts is the Million Volt Stun Gun, which is compact enough to fit inside a pack of cigarettes. It’s also the most powerful stun gun on the market and is highly concealable. It comes with a heavy-duty nylon belt holster. It will stop an attacker in their tracks and ward them off. It’s a perfect tool for school presentations and dangerous science experiments.

A high-voltage stun gun, however, should only be used during close encounters. A stun gun with one million volts may not knock the attacker to the ground, but it will undoubtedly cause pain and dissuade them from physical attack. The equivalent of 20,000 to 30,000 volts is static electricity, and this is far more than a single jolt will cause.

A high-voltage stun gun is also a good choice if your target is a dog. High-voltage stun guns are designed to disable an attacker and can also double as a flashlight. Some stun guns even have three LED modes so you can use one for three different purposes. And a stun gun with high-voltage batteries will help you save a lot of money on battery replacements.

Vipertek VTS-195

The highest voltage stun gun available is the Vipertek VTS-195. Despite its name, this stun gun has the highest voltage, reaching over thirty billion volts. The shock this gun causes is powerful enough to disorient a person and cause them to lose their balance. Vipertek stands by its product and guarantees its quality for a lifetime. This stun gun is also rechargeable, meaning you can use it again without worrying about running out of batteries.

The 50,000-volt peak voltage stun gun is a good choice for first-time users—stun guns designed to be used by law enforcement. The electric current it delivers will rapidly drop when it reaches the flesh, which is why a 50,000-volt stun gun won’t be effective without a high-quality battery. A battery will last 50 practice shots. It is also compatible with the Noonlight app, which automatically dispatches law enforcement when pulling the trigger.

Another option is the Vipertek VTS-989, which has a built-in charger and two prongs on the sides. This stun gun is compact and won’t take up too much space in your pocket. It can stun an attacker in a matter of seconds. Unlike other stun guns, it doesn’t require a separate charging cable. A rechargeable battery powers this stun gun; it recharges by a standard wall outlet. And because it emits a loud sound, it’s an excellent option for people who need an extra piercing stun gun.

The Vipertek VTS-989 stun gun is an excellent choice for women. It’s lightweight and fits comfortably in hand. The weapon is also highly engineered, durable, and can be used by law enforcement or for self-defense. In addition, it comes with a 120 Lumen LED flashlight that can disorient the attacker. And it’s compact enough to fit in your purse or belt loop.

Whether or not you plan to use your stun gun in an emergency is a crucial decision. If you’re worried about your safety, make sure it has a different safety switch to prevent accidental discharge. Besides, you don’t want to lose the protection of your life. With a holster, this stun gun can be easily carried around and ready to go instantly.

Yellow Jacket

The Yellow Jacket is a smartphone stun gun that delivers the maximum amount of pain-inducing power for a self-defense device. The industry average for a stun gun is just one microcoulomb; the cheapest stun guns generate only half that. In pain-inducing power, the Yellow Jacket stun gun delivers 6-7 times more than the Conducted Energy Weapon.

Designed specifically for iPhone users, the Yellow Jacket stun gun can be easily activated by simply pulling back the top corner of the device. When ready to use, push the safety switch to the top and press the blue button. The device then has a safety switch that prevents accidental activation in the pocket or purse. The company has also designed a case for the iPhone 4S and 5S.

While Yellow Jacket is the highest voltage for a self-defense device, the Yellow Jacket emits less than one milliamp. That’s well below the lethal threshold for amperage. That said, it is still loud enough to startle a man or woman – even with a weaker immune system. However, the battery-powered device also features dual safety switches to ensure a safe shock. The device also features a plastic electrode cover on the prongs.

Using the Yellow Jacket iPhone case, you can protect your phone from robbers by concealing the high voltage stun gun inside the case. The Yellow Jacket has multiple safety features, including an external battery pack, a swiveling electrode cap, and a dual safety switch. In case of an accident, it’s necessary to flip the electrode cover before applying the shock. The Yellow Jacket can zap a would-be mugger about 50 times before the person can react.


To protect yourself from an attacker, you should have a stun gun. The Runt stun gun is the most powerful, thanks to cutting-edge microtechnology. Its palm-sized design conceals a powerful electrical force. You can use it on an attacker at close range without worrying about your aim. This means you don’t have to worry about aiming, and the shock will come through regardless of where the attacker makes contact.

It is important to note that the voltage a stun gun can deliver is the amount of electricity it can transmit. The highest voltage a stun gun can have is thirty thousand volts, which violates the laws of physics. The material’s dielectric strength defines the maximum possible electric field a material can withstand. In the air, this breakdown occurs at three x 106 volts per meter.

Runt Features

A high-voltage stun gun can kill a person with just one shot. But a high-voltage stun gun can only be used when it is safe. It is also not wise to use a stun gun for self-defense, as it will only serve to irritate the attacker. The Runt stun gun is the highest voltage available for a stun gun.

Choosing the correct voltage is crucial to safety. When it comes to safety, a stun gun must be effective, so you should select one best suited to the situation. While stun guns can be helpful in unexpected attacks, they are not the best option for offensive or revenge use. Instead, consider a punching bag and a healthy outlet for your rage. When choosing a stun gun, ensure you know the appropriate voltage levels for its target.

A RUNT stun gun has 4.5 milliamps of power, the highest available for a stun gun. It is one of the most powerful stun guns on the market, but it isn’t legal in all counties and states. It is illegal to own one. Its voltage level is not lethal unless the electrical current exceeds a hundred milliamps.

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