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The dronemaster constructs small robot systems to scout, patrol or surveil an area. These can be ground or air units with sensor and optic systems.

The Drone Master has a passion for building and repairing these devices. It takes time, tools and the right materials to create these systems.

The Stun Gun

If you’re a dronemaster in World War Z, the stun gun is a crucial weapon to carry. It’s the best way to prevent zombies from getting too close and it’s also one of the first weapons you pick up on your character.

Stun guns work by rapidly overwhelming the body’s muscles and depleting them of blood sugar. This causes the target to feel a sense of imbalance and a dazed state.

A good stun gun can be used up to three times before it runs out of charge. This gives you more time to fight off an attacker and get away safely.

Another benefit of a stun gun is that it’s more portable than a pistol. There are even compact models that look like everyday items, like lipstick!

The Pistol

For the dronemaster whats better the pistol or the stun gun? Usually, the stun gun is better as it can be easily hidden and concealed.

However, there are some things that you should consider before purchasing a stun gun. These include its size, functionality and price.

It is also a good idea to check if it is easy to carry and conceal. You should look for a compact model that will fit in your pocket.

You can even find covert stun guns that look like a cell phone or lipstick. These are a great way to surprise an attacker, especially if they are trying to steal something from you.

In World War Z, there are eight classes to choose from: Medic, Fixer, Slasher, Gunslinger, Hellraiser, Exterminator, Dronemaster, and Vanguard. Each class promotes a different play style and allows you to customize your character’s perks.

The Quadrocopter

Quadrocopters are small flying robots that use four motors to create lift and directional control. These motors are powered by a battery and a computerized flight controller gets feedback from the rotors and other sensors on board like a gyro and altimeter.

These rotors also produce torque about their center of rotation and drag opposite to the direction they are moving in. That means if one rotor fails the other can compensate to keep the drone airborne.

The quadcopter also has a cool looking camera and can deliver a few bursts of 80,000 volts to stun a criminal. Austin, TX based design studio Chaotic Moon created this tech demo unit to show off at this year’s South by Southwest festival and invited Popular Science editors to check it out.

The CUPID is an ominous machine and the 80,000 volts that can be delivered by this stun gun are impressive, but not something you should be trying to pull off with a drone on your arm.

The Perks

Drones are a great way to take down zombies from a distance, but they’re not a replacement for good old firepower. That’s why the new Dronemaster class is so useful – it’s designed to make your Quadrocopter more versatile and deadly.

Besides being the class that gets you the best drone, Dronemasters have plenty of perks to unlock as they level up. These can make your Quadrocopter more powerful as it’s used to protect teammates, defuse landmines, and even convert automatic turrets!

The perks that the Dronemaster can unlock to enhance their drones include less damage taken, temporary health boosts, and more. Some perks also allow you to make your drone more offensive or more supportive.

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