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What are the features to look for in a cell phone stun gun? The ST-CELLSTUN is an example. It resembles a modern smartphone, but it isn’t. This device can be a great way to protect yourself and keep bad guys at bay. Its milliamps and power make it a practical option for restraining criminals.

Low Milliamps

While a high-voltage stun gun can temporarily incapacitate an opponent, the low-milliamps versions can also be effective. They work by passing high-energy electricity through electrodes to paralyze the opponent temporarily. Cell phones, however, do not provide the high-voltage shock that stun guns do. For this reason, low-milliamp cell phone stun guns are better choices.

A low-milliamps cell phone stun gun will produce a tingling sensation that can be devastating, so if you feel an impending attack, it’s crucial to have a stun gun on hand. Stun guns can be purchased for around $100 and work by firing high-voltage electrical current into an immovable object. They are not designed to kill an attacker but can incapacitate a person for up to 15 minutes.

Most cell phone stun guns have a short lifespan, lasting about two to three years. To ensure your stun gun is fully charged, you can always hold it up for a second and check its charge. This way, if an attacker manages to pull away from you, he won’t know the device is in your pocket. The battery is easy to replace, costing about $21.

Powerful Stun

In the case of an attack, a person may use a powerful cell phone stun gun to incapacitate an attacker temporarily. The stun gun may temporarily incapacitate a person unprepared to confront a confrontation.

If the victim does not wear heavy clothing, the ST-CELLSTUN delivers only 4.7 milliamps of energy. Compared to other stun guns, ST-CELLSTUN is the safest option. However, it is not as powerful as some other models, so you may want to choose one that can withstand a large amount of resistance. For this reason, you may want to invest in a higher-quality stun gun with a lower price tag.

Discreet Design

These new stun guns look like a regular cell phones. When you pull it out, you’ll hear a loud, intimidating electrical sound that will stop a potential attacker in their tracks. Unlike a traditional stun gun, this device is rechargeable and comes with a micro USB charging cord and LED flashlight. It measures 5 1/2″ long and about half an inch thick. You can carry it in your pocket or purse for added convenience.

These phones are rechargeable and contain a battery pack for safety. It’s easy to use and has dual push triggers that prevent accidental discharge. This device is comfortable to hold and has a battery indicator that shows the remaining battery charge. The Yellow Jacket Stun Gun is one of the highest-powered stun guns on the market. It’s easy to conceal in a case and will draw no attention. However, the sting produced by this device is painful and can be felt for up to five minutes.


With their slim and compact size, cell phone stun guns have become our most versatile self-defense weapons. These gadgets look like everyday smartphones and deliver 4.9 milliamps of electrifying power. Women can easily conceal these devices anywhere, from purses to pockets. Each stun gun features a 50-lumen LED flashlight and is easy to conceal.

This weapon mimics a smartphone and delivers the maximum amount of takedown power available. A cell phone stun gun emits 14 million volts of electricity at 4.7 milliamps, enough to stop a burglar in his tracks. In addition to being extremely portable, cell phone stun guns look like famous brands. They are also rechargeable, so a wall brick or micro USB charging cord is unnecessary.

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