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Can i buy a stun gun in the district

Stun guns and TASERs use an electrical shock to temporarily disable someone. They are typically used as self-defense weapons.

The rules for stun guns vary from state to state and often from city to city. This article explains general outlines, important court rulings, and how you can find out more information about the laws in your area.


Stun guns and tasers are weapons that ideally serve to immobilize a target by non-lethal means. They are sometimes mistakenly considered to be safer alternatives to firearms, but the truth is that they can inflict serious injuries if used improperly.

In order to legally own a stun gun, you must meet certain qualifications and rules. These vary by state, but are generally based on the purpose of the weapon.

Almost all states criminalize the possession or use of stun guns for assault or situations other than self-defense. This can be a serious concern, especially for those who have a history of using stun guns illegally or for those who are convicted of a crime involving stun guns.

The District passed a law in 2017 that lifts its outright ban on the possession of stun guns, and permits persons 18 years or older to purchase or possess a stun gun for self-defense in response to an immediate threat of harm.


Stun guns and tasers are weapons that can be used to temporarily immobilize someone with an electrical charge. These devices are legal to own in most states, but there are some restrictions that can apply to their possession and use.

Some states have banned stun guns on school property, while others make it illegal to carry them in public buildings such as airports and courthouses. Still other states like New York ban civilians from possessing stun guns at all.

In 2019, a federal court found that New York’s stun gun ban was unconstitutional. Until the state changes its laws, however, it’s legal for residents to own and use them.


When buying a stun gun, you will need to follow the same licensing process that is used for firearms. This includes a background check and a waiting period.

Stun guns are considered dangerous weapons, and are not allowed to be carried by people without a license. However, there are some exceptions for people who use them for personal protection.

The law regarding stun guns differs from state to state and locality to locality. It is important to understand these laws, and how they are interpreted by the courts.

In New Jersey, stun guns are listed on the list of prohibited weapons and devices under N.J.S.A. 2C:39-3(h). A person who knowingly possesses a stun gun is guilty of a crime of the fourth degree.

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