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Anyone know how to use the stun gun attachment for the pharaoh

If you’re a Call of Duty: Mobile fan, then you’ve probably heard about the stun gun attachment for the pharaoh. This attachment replaces the quick knife button and allows you to fire an electric shock at enemies.

During the ancient times, the Egyptian kings were considered gods and political figures. They had a lot of responsibilities, such as making laws, leading an army into battle, and maintaining diplomatic relations with other countries.

How to get the stun gun attachment

Call of Duty: Mobile’s Season 9 Zombies Are Back update is live and with it comes two new challenges. The first challenge, Fun in the Stun, is available now and gives you a chance to unlock the Pharo’s signature stun gun attachment. The challenge is comprised of seven different challenges, all of which require you to complete them in order. It’s a great opportunity to earn some battle pass XP as well, so make sure you don’t miss out!

To get the Stun Gun in Sons of the Forest, you’ll need to find the rocky cave off the northern coast line. You’ll need to break down some boards in order to gain access, but it shouldn’t be too hard. Then you’ll need to work your way into the cave and deal with some mutants before getting your hands on the weapon.

How to unlock the stun gun attachment

There are a number of new features in Call of Duty Mobile, but the one with a hefty price tag is the underbarrel stun gun. This signature attachment is the star of the show when it comes to enhancing your weapon of choice, but there are a few steps involved in getting this gizmo to the top of your list of favorites.

To get your hands on this swaggertastic accessory, you’ll need to head to the dark side of the forest and brave some mutated critters along the way. For this feat of chivalry, you will need the aforementioned Pharo, and a fair amount of patience. You’ll also need a fair bit of luck and a solid dose of strategy. Despite all this, the underbarrel stun gun isn’t for everyone.

How to get the Pharo Dream Crystal

The Pharo is a four-round burst submachine gun from the Dream Crystal series of weapons. It can be unlocked at level 31 in multiplayer mode and is a good choice for those who enjoy close-range combat.

This weapon is considered one of the best in its class, and its impressive stats make it a solid weapon for both aggressive and defensive techniques. However, it has a very bouncy recoil and low limb damage, making it difficult to utilize at long ranges.

As a result, it is only effective in close-quarters due to its slow rate of fire and small one-burst hit box. It is recommended to use the Quickdraw, Long Barrel, and Foregrip attachments for maximum effectiveness.

The Pharo is a submachine gun from the Dream Crystal series in Call of Duty: Mobile and can be purchased for gaming currency. This currency can be acquired by completing various missions and tasks in the game. These include killing enemies, gaining experience, and earning weapon skins and other perks.

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