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Bashlite stun baton review

Those who are concerned about the safety of their personal belongings may want to check out the Bashlite stun baton. This compact, lightweight stun gun is 5.1 inches long and is small enough to fit into your pocket or purse. It also comes with a nylon holster and belt loop so that you can carry it without having to worry about losing it. To recharge the stun gun, simply plug it into any standard wall outlet. An AC wall adapter is also included.

1.6 micro-coulomb shock

The 1.6 micro-coulomb Bashlite stun baton is designed to be a very effective defensive weapon. It works by delivering a strong electric charge that can incapacitate the attacker. The amount of pain this device can produce is dependent on the amperage of the charge. Microcoulombs are units of electric charge and are the most important unit of measure for stun guns. The more micro-coulombs a weapon has, the more powerful it is.

The 1.6 micro-coulomb Bashlite stun gun flashlight is an aluminum-crafted device with a safety switch and a built-in rechargeable battery. It is portable and weighs 0.35 lbs. It comes with a lanyard or a wrist strap. The safety switch keeps the device from accidentally going off. The six electrical probes on the device are sharp enough to incapacitate an attacker.

120-lumen flashlight

The Bashlite stun gun flashlight is a handy tactical weapon. Its light is 120 lumens, and it is small enough to fit in a pocket or purse. The device is rechargeable using a standard wall outlet, and comes with a wrist lanyard to keep it secure. The flashlight is a versatile weapon, and the battery is long lasting. For added safety, the Bashlite stun gun flashlight comes with a battery and an AC wall adapter.

The Baton is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and includes a high-tech, tactical flashlight. The Stun Gun Flashlight’s 20-million-volt charge will stop an attacker in their tracks. The flashlight also comes with a holster for safety. The Baton measures 14 3/4 inches long and is one-and-a-half inches wide. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Compact design

The Bashlite Stun Baton and Flashlight combines a stun gun and a flashlight in a single compact unit. The flashlight provides a light source for safety in the dark and the 15 million volt jolt stuns the attacker for at least five seconds. This model also features a safety strap to prevent the attacker from taking the baton and using it against you.

The BashLite Stun Gun Flashlight is lightweight and durable. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, it produces a powerful 4.7 milliamp stun that knocks your attacker unconscious and temporarily blinds them. The unit also features an on/off safety switch and lanyard for easy carry. Whether you’re a police officer, a civilian, or a business owner, you’ll be well protected with this device.

Legal restrictions

While it may not be possible to legally use your Bashlite stun baton in every state, there are certain circumstances that may make it an effective tool for self-defense. For example, if you are arrested and charged with domestic violence, you may be asked to surrender your Bashlite stun gun. This is not uncommon. If you are arrested for domestic violence, you might be unable to find a safe place to keep your Bashlite stun baton, so your best bet is to contact a local attorney for legal assistance. Your local attorney can explain the legal process and the implications for you.

In addition, the legal restriction on possession and sale of this electric weapon is also strict. It is illegal to purchase, sell, or use this device in the state of Massachusetts. According to C.B. 38 1985, you need a permit before you can sell or use an electronic weapon on a person. If you purchase this weapon illegally, you must notify the chief of police and the appropriate local authority within 24 hours.


The Safety Technology BashLite 15,000,000 volt stun gun is a sleek, durable weapon. Made from aircraft grade aluminum, it delivers 4.7 milliamps of stun power to knock down your attacker and render them inert. This stun gun also doubles as a tactical flashlight with 120 lumens, and comes with a wrist strap lanyard for security. It also has a safety switch to turn it off.

The Bashlite stun gun flashlight is 5.1″ long and is small enough to fit into your pocket or purse. It also comes with a belt loop and holster. It’s rechargeable via a standard wall outlet. Its loud, piercing sound can deter any attacker. Whether it’s a domestic incident or a crime scene, a Bashlite stun baton can help you stay calm and prevent a violent confrontation.

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