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If you are looking for an effective way to enhance the security of your home without breaking the bank, then the “Arlo Dummy Camera” might just be the answer you’ve been searching for. Designed to resemble a fully functioning surveillance camera, this cleverly crafted dummy camera can go a long way in deterring potential intruders and giving you peace of mind. With its realistic appearance and easy installation, the Arlo Dummy Camera provides an affordable yet reliable solution for keeping your property safe. So, let’s explore the features and benefits of this innovative security device.

Arlo Dummy Camera

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What is an Arlo Dummy Camera?


An Arlo Dummy Camera is a non-functioning replica of a real Arlo security camera. It is designed to mimic the appearance of a genuine camera and act as a deterrent to potential intruders. While it does not provide any actual surveillance or recording capabilities, it serves as an affordable and easy-to-install alternative for individuals looking to enhance their home security.


The primary purpose of an Arlo Dummy Camera is to discourage potential intruders or criminals from targeting your property. By placing these dummy cameras in strategic locations around your property, you create the illusion of a comprehensive security system, which can effectively deter criminals and prevent crime. Dummy cameras can serve as a cost-effective solution for those who want to boost their home security without investing in a full-fledged surveillance system.


Arlo Dummy Cameras are designed to closely resemble real Arlo security cameras in terms of appearance. They typically feature a sturdy housing, similar to that of actual cameras, and come in various sizes and shapes to imitate different camera models. These dummy cameras also often have a realistic lens and cables, adding to the illusion of a fully functional security camera. From a distance, it can be difficult to differentiate between a real Arlo camera and a dummy camera, making them an effective visual deterrent.

Advantages of Using Arlo Dummy Cameras

Cost-Effective Security Solution

One of the major advantages of using Arlo Dummy Cameras is their affordability. These dummy cameras are significantly cheaper compared to real security cameras while providing a similar visual deterrent effect. If you are on a tight budget or don’t require the actual surveillance capabilities, dummy cameras offer a cost-effective solution to enhance your home security.

Deterrent for Potential Intruders

The mere presence of a security camera, whether real or dummy, can deter potential intruders from targeting your property. Criminals are less likely to engage in illegal activities if they believe they are being monitored. By strategically placing Arlo Dummy Cameras in visible locations, you create a strong deterrent effect, reducing the risk of break-ins and thefts.

Easy to Install and Use

Another advantage of Arlo Dummy Cameras is their ease of installation. Since they do not require any wiring or complex setup, you can simply mount them using the provided hardware. Most dummy cameras also have adjustable brackets, allowing for flexible positioning. Furthermore, these cameras do not require any maintenance or technical expertise, making them extremely user-friendly for anyone looking to enhance their home security without hassle.

Features and Specifications

Realistic Design

Arlo Dummy Cameras are designed to closely mimic the appearance of actual Arlo security cameras. They feature a realistic housing, lens, and cables, making them difficult to distinguish from real cameras, especially from a distance. This realistic design adds to their effectiveness as a visual deterrent.

LED Indicator

To further reinforce the illusion of a functioning camera, some Arlo Dummy Cameras come equipped with LED indicators. These indicators may flash intermittently, giving the impression that the camera is actively recording. This feature enhances the authenticity of the dummy camera, making it even more effective in deterring potential intruders.


Arlo Dummy Cameras are typically weatherproof, allowing them to be installed both indoors and outdoors. This weather resistance ensures that the cameras can withstand various weather conditions, such as rain, snow, or strong winds, without compromising their appearance or durability.

Battery Life

Since Arlo Dummy Cameras do not require any actual surveillance capabilities, they do not have any batteries or power sources. As a result, you do not need to worry about battery life or recharging. These dummy cameras are designed to serve as non-functioning replicas, solely relying on their appearance and deterrent effect.

Mounting Options

Arlo Dummy Cameras come with adjustable mounting brackets, allowing for easy installation on walls, ceilings, or other surfaces. The provided hardware ensures a secure and stable mounting, giving you the flexibility to position the cameras in strategic locations around your property.

Arlo Dummy Camera

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How to Use an Arlo Dummy Camera Effectively

Placement Locations

The effectiveness of Arlo Dummy Cameras relies heavily on their placement. It is recommended to position these dummy cameras at prominent and visibly accessible locations around your property, such as near entry points, driveways, or high-traffic areas. These areas are more likely to be observed by potential intruders, maximizing the deterrent effect of the dummy cameras.

Combining with Real Cameras

To increase the overall effectiveness of your security measures, you can combine Arlo Dummy Cameras with real cameras. By placing a combination of real cameras and dummy cameras, you create an even stronger illusion of surveillance coverage. This combination can provide a higher level of security and deterrence, as potential intruders may find it challenging to distinguish between the real and dummy cameras.

Warning Signs and Decals

To augment the effectiveness of Arlo Dummy Cameras, consider displaying warning signs and decals to indicate the presence of a security system. These signs can discourage would-be criminals from attempting to breach your property and act as an additional layer of deterrence. When used in conjunction with dummy cameras, warning signs and decals create a comprehensive security appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Dummy Cameras Effective in Preventing Crime?

While dummy cameras cannot physically record or monitor activities, they can be effective in preventing crime through their visual deterrent effect. The presence of a camera, even if non-functional, can discourage potential intruders from targeting your property, as they are more likely to choose an easier target without visible security measures.

Are Arlo Dummy Cameras Compatible with Arlo Security Systems?

Arlo Dummy Cameras are designed to resemble Arlo security cameras, but they do not possess any of the actual surveillance capabilities. Therefore, they are not compatible with Arlo security systems. However, using a combination of Arlo Dummy Cameras and real Arlo cameras in your security setup can enhance the overall effectiveness of your surveillance system.

Can Arlo Dummy Cameras Record Video?

No, Arlo Dummy Cameras do not record video or offer any other surveillance features. They are non-functioning replicas designed solely for visual deterrent purposes. If you require video recording capabilities, it is recommended to invest in real Arlo security cameras.

How Long Do the Batteries Last?

Arlo Dummy Cameras do not require any batteries, as they do not have any operational components. Their functionality solely relies on their appearance, so there is no need to worry about battery life or replacement.

Potential Drawbacks of Arlo Dummy Cameras

Limited Functionality

The primary drawback of Arlo Dummy Cameras is their lack of functionality. Unlike real security cameras, these dummy cameras do not possess any surveillance capabilities, such as video recording or remote monitoring. While they serve as effective visual deterrents, they cannot provide actual surveillance footage.

Reliance on Visual Deterrence

Arlo Dummy Cameras heavily rely on their visual deterrent effect. While this can be effective in deterring some potential intruders, others may be experienced enough to recognize dummy cameras and proceed with their criminal activities. It is important to consider additional security measures, such as real cameras or a comprehensive security system, to provide a higher level of protection.

No Remote Access or Monitoring

Since Arlo Dummy Cameras do not have any operational components, they cannot be remotely accessed or monitored. This means that you cannot view live footage or recordings, adjust camera settings, or receive alerts through a mobile app or computer. If remote access or real-time monitoring is a priority, it is recommended to opt for real Arlo security cameras.

Alternatives to Arlo Dummy Cameras

Arlo Smart Security Cameras

If you require actual surveillance functions, Arlo Smart Security Cameras are a suitable alternative to Arlo Dummy Cameras. These real cameras offer features such as live streaming, motion detection, cloud storage, and remote access. Arlo Smart Security Cameras provide a higher level of security and convenience but come at a higher cost compared to dummy cameras.

Other Dummy Camera Brands

While Arlo Dummy Cameras are a popular choice, there are also other brands available in the market. These brands offer similar dummy camera options with various designs and features. It is crucial to ensure that the dummy cameras you choose closely resemble real cameras to maximize their deterrent effect.

Using Security Warning Stickers

In addition to dummy cameras, using security warning stickers is another alternative to enhance your home security. These stickers can be placed on windows, doors, and other visible areas to indicate the presence of a security system. Similar to dummy cameras, warning stickers can act as a deterrent and make potential intruders think twice before targeting your property.

Price and Availability

Arlo Official Website

Arlo Dummy Cameras can be purchased directly from the official Arlo website. The website provides detailed product descriptions, specifications, and pricing information. Additionally, the official website may offer discounts or package deals for customers interested in purchasing multiple dummy cameras.

Online Retailers

Various online retailers, such as Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart, offer Arlo Dummy Cameras for purchase. These retailers often provide customer reviews, product comparisons, and competitive pricing options. Online shopping allows for convenient browsing, comparing features, and reading user feedback before making a purchase decision.

Physical Stores

Arlo Dummy Cameras may also be available at physical retail stores specializing in home security or electronics. Stores like Home Depot or Best Buy typically carry a selection of dummy cameras and can offer in-person assistance from knowledgeable staff. Buying from physical stores allows you to see the product in person and ask questions before making a purchase.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Positive Feedback

Customers who have used Arlo Dummy Cameras often appreciate their realistic design, easy installation, and affordability. Many users report that the dummy cameras successfully enhance their home security by deterring potential intruders. The LED indicator feature is also commonly praised for adding to the authenticity of the dummy cameras.

Negative Feedback

Some customers express disappointment with the limited functionality of Arlo Dummy Cameras, as they do not provide actual surveillance capabilities. Others mention that experienced intruders may be able to recognize dummy cameras and not be deterred. However, these concerns are balanced by considering the lower price point and the visual deterrent effect that the dummy cameras still offer.

Average Rating

Taking into account both positive and negative reviews, Arlo Dummy Cameras tend to receive an average rating of around four out of five stars. Customers generally find value in the deterrent effect and affordable price of these dummy cameras, understanding their limitations.


Summary of Arlo Dummy Cameras

Arlo Dummy Cameras are non-functioning replicas of real Arlo security cameras designed to deter potential intruders. Their realistic appearance, LED indicators, and weatherproof construction make them an effective visual deterrent for home security. While they lack surveillance features, dummy cameras provide a cost-effective solution to enhance your security system.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

If you are looking for an affordable and easy-to-install security solution, Arlo Dummy Cameras can be a viable option. They are particularly useful when combined with real cameras or warning signs as part of a comprehensive security system. However, if remote access, real-time monitoring, and video recording are essential for your security needs, investing in real Arlo security cameras would be more appropriate. Ultimately, the choice depends on your budget, preferences, and the level of security you aim to achieve.

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